Tonight, we are all Dukes <3

If you are a student at JMU, then please wear purple every day for the rest of this week in honor of the four students who have died this month as well as for the vice provost who passed away this past weekend. 

the most recent of these deaths occurred tonight when a student (? it has not been confirmed yet, but it is likely a student) was hit by a bus and died. 

this is from the Purple Out event page: 

In honor of all those lost in the past month, let’s all wear as much purple as possible. Make this purple out one to remember.

A culmination of the past month has proven rather hard for the JMU community and tonight is yet another death to add to the list. A young woman, identity not yet known, was hit by a bus near the bookstore. We hope to show a love and support for those that have passed and those they have left behind.

Rest In Peace 
Katie Mausteller- October 10, 2011 

Nicholas Keatts- November 5, 2011

Kristen Nicole Edwards- November 8, 2011

Vice Provost John Noftsinger- November 10, 2011

Unknown but will be updated as soon as news is available- November 15, 2011

Pray for these peoples’ families right now. Participate in Purple Out, even if you are not a JMU Duke, in honor of these people who all died too suddenly too soon. 


We are the dukes of JMU.